Island Funeral Service


With a purchase of a casket, our staff will deliver the casket to the morgue free of charge. Delivery occurs immediately or otherwise requested by the family. 

Along with the purchase of any casket, we offer free service that includes the following: 

Our free service is guaranteed and it includes the suburban hearse, a suburban or van for the family, and lowering device for burial.

The hearse will be available to transport the deceased from the hospital to the church and/or family’s residence. Together with the hearse, a family suburban or van will be available to help transport the family of the deceased to the church and/or family’s residence throughout the whole funeral ceremony.  

 A member of our staff will transport the Lowering Device in a separate truck. The lowering device is needed during the time of burial ceremony. 

For other special services, you are more than welcome to contact to us and make arrangements.

For example, if the deceased was transported on an air carrier from the US mainland/Honolulu to American Samoa  -- we can make arrangements for a service that would require the hearse and other family cars/vans.

 For a high chief's (ali'i sili) or paramount chief's funeral service, we have a flatbed truck that could be used instead of the hearse. The flatbed truck comes "AS IS", the family will have to decorate the flatbed a day before or the day of the funeral.

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